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Helping to connect and reconnect Gay, Asexual, Eunuch, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Supportive Heterosexuals, Straights and Homosexuals
in the community from Aotearoa New Zealand, Asia, Australia, Oceania & The Pacific Ocean since the 25th of May 1999.

We come together in fellowship and friendship so that we may grow and learn, support each other without passing judgment because of who we are. We all have
different strengths and weaknesses but together we have only strength.
We Will Not Remain Silent
GAY = Good As You!
Together We Can Make A Difference

Foundation Principles

“Trust creates consistency, demonstrates empowerment, encourages and sustains communication”

I will be consistent in what I say and do.

I will always aim to be where I say I will be and if I can not I will make contact with the appropriate people to inform them when I can not be there or that I am going
to be late.

I will always act in the best interest of all concerned.

I can be relied upon to perform my role with pride.

I will work and develop ways in which others including myself will learn to trust and be trusted.

Trust is to be earnt, because what is broken will take much time to heal.

Trust needs to be given, so that trust can be built or rebuilt and to allow the healing process to take place. The choice is with you and yours to make.

Inclusiveness: “To include everyone and not to leave anyone.”

I will use a language that includes Gay Women and Men, Bisexuals, Transgender, Transwomen, Transmen, Intersex, Eunuchs, A-sexual, Queer, Queer - Sister,
Lesbians, Homosexuals and supportive Heterosexuals

I will use language which represents everyone such as Heavenly Parent instead of Heavenly Father or Mother.

I will communicate with an open heart and aim to use easy to understand terms and words.

Diversity: "Being different, not the same. Diverse - unlike in nature, characteristic and qualities.

I will be true to my authentic self.

I will acknowledge other people's true authentic selves.

We are all different with varying strengths and weaknesses, together we only have strengths.

I will allow others to share their life stories as each individual has something to contribute.

Responsibility: “Taking ownership of your actions.”

I will be accountable for my actions - inactions and attitude.

I will offer solutions to improve the effectiveness of processes.

I will communicate with an open mind.

I will make every effort to learn about issues that make me feel uncomfortable.

Equity: “Fairness and impartiality, decisions free from bias, dishonesty or injustice”

I will be fair and impartial, and keep an open mind.

I will respect and appreciate the differences in others.

Co-operation “The ability to work together toward a common goal.”

I will work with others to achieve positive solutions.

I will behave in a helpful manner.

I will communicate with empathy and respect.

Integrity: ”To be honest, truthful, and sincere.”

I will show care and consideration to others.

I will be honest and truthful.

I will respect others points of view.

I will respect other peoples boundaries i.e. I will not grope another person in an inappropriate manner.

Professionalism: “To exceed the expectations of members and colleagues.”

I will be committed, competent and knowledgeable in my position.

I will deal with issues - problems on a professional not personal level.

I will treat everybody with respect.

Excellence: “Consistently achieving the highest level of performance through quality people, systems and service.”

I will always do my best.

I will commit to a never ending process of learning and growing.

I will be motivated to deliver mutual benefit.

I will be adaptable, flexible and imaginative.